How to Lose Body fat the most effective methods explained

Obesity and body fat can have their toll on a person, no matter how hard we try to ignore the various puns and witticism from the society, they come back to haunt us! At times it can become difficult for a person to focus on his job, a student to focus on his studies etc.

obesityThe problem with the world that we live in and the people with whom we share it is that human frailties at times just do not go unnoticed, a person’s weakness could be a source of humor for the others.

Recent studies have proved that most overweight children generally do not do exceedingly well in school, because of their weight they are usually subject to an inferiority complex, which results in declining their confidence.

This gradually leads to falling grades and thus, their confidence is further deteriorated.

However more than the shattered confidence, it is the unhealthy lifestyle which affects a person. The deteriorating culture of outdoor activities has affected the young ones with them spending more time playing computer games or on other electronic gadget and this rather contagious disease, has also spread onto the older generation now with more and more people spending their time on social media and cell phones.

Many might argue that this has hampered the physical development of people, but it’s actually the unhealthy etiquettes of people which have quietly sneaked in the daily lives of the general masses and is creating quite a stir.



You must have come across the word fat, well if you haven’t you either have been staying in a cave for the last millennia or like a feral child have been raised by a wolf and are learning about the world. Whatever the case is, basically, body fat is one of the three essential nutrients that a body requires along with proteins and carbohydrates.

Fats are an integral source of fatty acids which combine to be an essential dietary need. Fats are required to play a part in the development of hair and skin, ensuring body organs are fit enough to face any kind of shock, keeping in check body temperature and finally carrying out healthy cell activities.

over eatingHowever, since excess of anything is bad similarly when we divide fat into two categories we get the essential fat which, as the name suggests is required to carry out the essential activities of the body, and the second category is storage fat and this, is the excess amount that is stored under the muscles and the skin.

Men and woman usually tend to store the same amount of fat. However this is when the problem arises! When the intake of fats increases the essential fat requirement is used up for the processes and functions that require fat, but it is the storage fat that suffers the brunt.

It is already known that storage fat is expandable by nature however an extreme of storage fat can be dangerous. Too much storage fat or too little can be extremely dangerous for the body. Too much of storage fat is more of a threat because it makes a person overweight and susceptible to many diseases and more importantly makes him unfit to carry out his day to day activities.

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The level of fat intake varies around different age groups. Men within the age bracket of 18-39 need 8-19% of fat intake, whereas female of the same age group need a fat intake of 21-32%.

As the age groups increase the level of fat intake increases as well so much so that men in the age group of 60-79 need a fat intake of 13-24% whereas women in the same age group need a fat intake of 24-35%.

Now we know what actually is the best level of body fat that a human body requires anything in excess to these figures could be dangerous for a human body.


The discussion above brings us to our main topic that is how to lose body fat.  Ask anyone in your workplace or your friends circle, you will learn that losing body fat is one of the most difficult things to do.

It requires dedication and concentration to the cause as well; simply starving yourselves of food that does not contain fat is not the right option, balancing your diet is the key! There are various ways in which fat can be reduced:



When it comes to weight loss or say, fat reduction, working out regularly can help you get through your goals much more quickly. However, the intensity needs to be increased with the passage of time, in order to avoid plateau. Now the level of fat in an overweight person could vary, those who are extremely overweight should carry out light exercise and aerobics with walking, and a bit of weight lifting. It is imperative that a person does not put his/her body under undue stress, stress which an overweight body cannot handle. Being moderately overweight means a lot more activity can be carried out.

People generally in handling their weight issues become a subject of an adrenaline rush or emotions which they just cannot contain. Let’s be honest we have all seen those one week aficionados who have a craze for adjusting their weight and in the process end up doing weight training which is not favorable for them.

Usually this training turns out to be more of a curse than a reward as people do not have a good understanding of their body dynamics. Putting too much pressure on yourself and your body can be harmful therefore for over moderately overweight people, the process is slow and gradual.

During weight training, the trainee must ensure that all of his body parts are looked after and even if the client has done consistently well to move from light training to heavy intensity training it still is imperative that the person does not totally ignore his/her previous routines.

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unhealthy foods

Simply put, cut down consumption of bad fats and also reduce the intake of carbohydrates. It is important that you know your fats. Doctors generally classify fats into two different categories of good fats and bad fats.

According to top doctors around the world Omega 3 and Omega 6 are the good fats as they reduce the effect of the bad fats found generally in meat and they speed up and enhance the biological process of metabolism which ensures the living state of all cells and organisms is under control.

The reduction of Carbohydrate intake generally means to create a proper strategy and a plan to consume carbohydrates it is important that a person is eating certain carbohydrates at a certain time because carbs achieve a fat burning effect and too much of carbohydrates usually tend to speed up the metabolism process.

For instance fiber a carbohydrate is perfect for fat loss because it instills in its consumer a sense of fullness a feeling that a person gets when he knows he cannot eat much more. Fiber can be found in foods with high wheat content and in fruits and vegetables. However sugar carbs must be ducked as they increase the fat in the body and also have a high calories ratio.

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drink water

Go ask any elder of the family that has shed weight or even someone that has not revealed the secret of him/her reducing the weight the answer would definitely not be drinking water because the truth of the matter here is that drinking enough water is the most under rated of all fat reducing activities in the list.

Drinking at least a gallon of water per day is the key. Water is important for fat metabolism as it helps the liver in converting fat for energy purposes.

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high intensity training

This training method is not for the faint hearted. It is for the people who push a little extra and look to strive a little harder to gain what they want. It is still according to many the best way to lose body fat if you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The plan as the name suggests is high interval and it requires training to be conducted at high intervals for a while till one step back to a lower work rate.

This interval could be very short in nature and could last for only 10 to 30 seconds maximum with the whole exercise lasting only 20 minutes. An example of an HIIT exercise could be to walk for 2 minutes and then to follow it up with 30 minutes of fast running. Carrying out this activity regularly for 20 minutes does help and boy does it sound strenuous.

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A doctor a friend or a relative could give you loads of advice on tackling the issue but the most important piece of advice you can get is from your brain itself. Yes similar to all life goals getting rid of extra body fat requires will and motivation.

It is not an easy feat to accomplish especially as you grow older it becomes difficult for the body to adopt to a new lifestyle a more strenuous routine and a changed diet but times change people change and so do the seasons and at the right time the weight should also change, for the positive I hope!

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